July 24, 2015

July 24, 2015  Day 34  New York Summer 2015
Free City Dock, north of Lock 7
Oswego, NY

A final wave from Dawn and Colin
Day five in Oswego began with saying goodbye to Colin and Dawn on Movin’ On. We helped them cast off their lines and then walked down to Lock 8 and talked to them while they were locking down.  This is the last lock on the Oswego Canal and when you depart, you are on your way into Lake Ontario.   They are now traveling through Canada with Sue and Ted on My Dream – new friends we all met while we were all docked here in Oswego.  We wish them the best of journeys!

The rest of our day has been a quiet one.  Instead of wandering around the various venues of Harborfest, Bill confined Joyce to the boat today to let her hip rest.  All this walking has been increasingly painful the past few days.  We did walk down the dock to visit Debbie and Henry on Seven Tenths late this afternoon.  Other than that, Joyce read and Bill did the chart plotting.

We did have unexpected visitors this afternoon.  Friends, Sarah and Brooks who are former Loopers have a cousin who lives here. When Sarah learned we were here, she called her cousin and he and his wife stopped over to say hello!  A small world!

We are preparing to leave in the morning. We will go through the last lock and then stop at a marina for water and empty the holding tank.  Then we will enter Lake Ontario and travel about 50 miles to Cape Vincent.  We hope to find a space on their free dock or we will anchor.

We will spend the next week touring the Thousand Islands, visiting the Antique Boat Museum, Boldt Castle, Singer Castle and the towns of Clayton and Alexandria Bay.  We will be very close to Canada and will not be posting the blog unless we have access to wifi. We do not want to pick up roaming charges from nearby Canadian towers.  So, if it is a few days before we can post, that is the reason.  We are looking forward to seeing the beautiful Thousand Islands!