July 26, 2015

July 25, 2015  Day 35  New York Summer 2015
At anchor
Cape Vincent, NY

A new location! We left Oswego after five days there as planned and caught the 0800 lock opening. We were the only ones in the lock which worked for us.  Then we pulled into a marina and filled the water tank and emptied the holding tank.
The Lighthouse at the Port of Oswego

Entering Lake Ontario
We passed the lighthouse at the entrance to the Port of Oswego and entered Lake Ontario.  The forecast was for a one foot sea but they were between 1-2 feet, all in all a good ride. We also had a 50% chance of rain, and we encountered it at 1240 for almost an hour. We saw very few boats out today. We did not expect others to leave Oswego today – they are there for Harborfest and the big fireworks display is being held tonight.

We arrived in Cape Vincent at 1430, hoping to find a spot on one of the docks in this little town, but no luck. So, after we called a marina to make sure we could anchor here, we dropped the hook near two boats on mooring balls.  At least we could watch a movie!

We will go to Clayton, NY tomorrow for three days.

Pretty deep lake!