July 26, 2015

July 26, 2015  Day 36  New York Summer 2015
Clayton City Docks
Clayton, NY

After a late (for us) departure of 0900, we pulled our anchor at Cape Vincent and headed out for a two hour cruise down the St. Lawrence River to Clayton, NY.  It was very cloudy but calm.  The sun came out after we arrived.

Our destination was the City Docks. They do not take reservations, and only a few spots at the end of the dock have 50 amp power, but we were very lucky on this Sunday morning! They had room for us. After five nights at a free dock with no services and one night at anchor, we are happy to have power and water!  Boats come in and out of here all day long – many are local boaters who may just come in for lunch. 

Passing a freighter on the St. Lawrence River

Looking down our busy dock
We discovered this Owens today on our walk
We decided to stay here three nights. There is so much to do here and we needed to just stay on board today.  Joyce had lots of laundry to attack.  After dinner, we did take a short walk to see some of the town.

Clayton is the home of the Antique Boat Museum, which is housed in several buildings just a couple of blocks from our dock. This is top on our agenda tomorrow.  We look forward to seeing these classics!