July 27, 2015

July 27, 2015  Day 37  New York Summer 2015
Clayton City Docks
Clayton, NY

This Thompson was being restored and brought back memories
to Bill - his family owned one when he was a teenager
Classic Lyman
An Elco
All about speed in this building!
She is from Virginia!
The Antique Boat Museum opened at 0900 and we arrived shortly afterwards to be able to spend the whole morning there.  We first took a guided tour of La Duchesse, the 106 ft. elegant house boat originally owned by George Boldt (of Waldorf Astoria fame), next by Edward Noble (of the Life Saver Candy fame), and finally by Andrew Mc Nally (of Rand McNally fame). It was first built in 1903, with six staterooms, a sizeable galley and dining room, servants’ quarters, a large master stateroom, a large salon, and sundeck on the upper level. It now belongs to the museum and was a pleasure to visit.

We toured all the buildings of the museum, including the Morgan Building that houses the speed and hydroplane boats; the Dodge Memorial Launch Building, filled with runabouts and cruisers; the Small Craft Building filled with various types of canoes; the Noble Historic Stone Building, where boats are being restored; the McNally Yacht House with its in-water fleet, and the main Haxall Building, where we watched a movie and saw a few exhibits. It was a fascinating look at classic boats and the people behind them. This weekend marks the 51st Annual Boat Show and Auction!

When we returned to our boat for lunch we spotted another Gold Looper boat, Quimby on our dock. They are on their way to Canada to do the Triangle Loop in a few days. We last saw them in Ft. Myers!

After lunch we walked back downtown, visited a few shops, including the cheese shop which sells the Original Thousand Island Dressing. The dressing was created here in Clayton by Mrs. Sophia LaLonde in the early 1900’s and became famous! Then back to the boat for a rest.

Lots of mahogany
Time to relax tonight!
We had pizza on board for dinner and relaxed for the evening.  We have friends (Happy Clamz and Seven Tenths) arriving tomorrow.