July 29, 2015

July 29, 2015  Day 39  New York Summer 2015
Clayton City Docks
Clayton, NY

This morning we took a tour boat to Boldt Castle with Looper friends, Leslie & Doug and Debbie & Henry to see and hear the history of the many islands, both Canadian and US, along the way. Even though this area is called the Thousand Islands, there are apparently more than 1800 islands. Some are very small and others a few miles long.

Boldt Castle
Boldt Castle on Heart Island is not to be missed when visiting the Thousand Islands.  George Boldt immigrated as a child and became a hotel magnate who managed the Waldorf Astoria. He was the president of several companies.  He built the castle for his beloved wife, Louise.  Tragically she died in January, 1904, just a month before he would have presented it to her on Valentine’s Day, also her birthday.  Sadly, he ordered all remaining work to be stopped and he never returned to the castle.  It sat in ruins until 1977, when The Thousand Islands Bridge Authority assumed ownership and began to restore and preserve the castle and properties. The castle is six stories tall and has 127 rooms. There are also lavish gardens that surround the castle. It is a poignant love story and one can only imagine the splendor of the home that might have been.

The Boldt Yacht House
held their boats on Wellesley Island
Beautiful flower gardens - many are heart shaped

The view from the castle
fter returning from our tour, we spent the rest of the day onboard. Many of the antique wooden boats are arriving for the Antique Boat Show and auction this weekend.  Our dock will be used for the show and all transients must depart in the morning.  We will anchor nearby and hopefully be able to use the dinghy to get to shore and see the Boat Show.

Time for a pose