July 31, 2015

July 31, 2015  Day 41  New York Summer 2015
At anchor
Clayton, NY

Our morning began at 0400 when we felt the boat rocking. Apparently the wind had picked up and once again we were concerned about our anchor holding. Bill stayed up until 0530 watching the chart plotter and our indicators. We were fine, but it didn’t seem that way for a while.

At 10:00 we took the dinghy to shore and docked at the City dock where we had our boat for four days. We were surprised to be the only ones to use the dinghy dock.

We bought our tickets for the Antique Boat Show and wandered through the market area with vendors selling used boat parts, tools, marine items, and new items such as jewelry, clothing etc.  We actually bought another line to use in the locks. It is a better length than the one we have.  (And, Joyce might have bought a pair of lovely earrings.J)

Then we spent lots of time wandering around looking at the beautiful antique boats – mahogany everywhere!  The Lyman Boats are featured this year, but we saw many Chris Crafts, Gar Woods, a Richardson, an Owens, Thompsons, and more.   Some of the boats are simply here to be admired, and some are for sale. We enjoyed talking to several of the boat owners. The boat auction will be held tomorrow afternoon. 

We had the opportunity to meet Joyce’s distant cousin, Nancy at the boat show. After communicating online through family research websites over the past several years, it was a joy to finally meet in person! Nancy and her husband sold their beautiful antique boat last year after having it for 36 years.  The boat was brought to the show this year by the new owners and we were happy to see it!

We bought a raffle ticket for this Lyman!
We had lunch at the boat show and then came back to Carried Away in mid-afternoon. We had a light dinner on board. We hope to take the dinghy into town again tomorrow.  We are watching for the “Blue Moon” to appear but we have not seen it yet tonight.

Not an antique,
but our means of transportation today!