August 18, 2015

August 18, 2015  Day 59 New York Summer 2015
At Anchor, south of Rondout Creek
Port Ewen, NY

A calm Hudson River this morning

The wind started to pick up when we reached our anchorage

Calm as the sun was setting
We got a rather slow start his morning as we did not leave Albany until 0920.  We had the current with us most of the day, sunny sky, little boat traffic, and a light breeze.  That is until we were almost at our anchorage and the wind picked up, thunder and lightning were nearby and storm clouds could be seen in three directions.  We went ahead and anchored anyway and just waited. We were happy we dodged a bullet when it never reached us!

We had a light dinner onboard and are planning our next stop – another anchorage at Haverstraw.  It has been an interesting day of seeing everything we passed on the way north.  We are getting very familiar with this river!  We also traveled the Hudson in 2012 on the Great Loop and in 2013 on the Down East Loop.