September 11, 2015

September 11, 2015  Day 83 New York Summer 2015
At anchor
Fishing Bay, Piankatank River, VA

What an interesting day we had!  We left Solomons at 0715 with our dinghy towing behind us and then Bob’s boat (a 28 foot Owens) behind it!  We traveled over 10 hours with varying weather conditions from clouds to sun, and from 1 foot to 3 foot waves.

our boat parade!
rafted together at our anchorage
The boat towed fairly well until 12:30 when the towing line broke.  Then we went into rescue mode to retrieve Bob’s boat that was floating away. We got it back and tied up again and were back on our way – what an adventure!

We arrived at our anchorage at 5:20 and then brought the boat around and rafted it to us.  Bob and Debbie used the dinghy to take their dog to shore.  In the meantime, Joyce prepared dinner!

We played two rounds of our favorite game, “Ticket to Ride” after dinner and had a fun evening.

Tomorrow will be the conclusion of our summer trip when we arrive back in Poquoson. We look forward to seeing family and friends for the next two months!