December 29, 2015

December 29, 2015  Day 37  South for the Winter 2015-16
Legacy Harbour Marina
Ft. Myers, FL

We have been here for over a week now and have stayed very busy. 

We had two Looper couples over for Christmas Eve dinner to share our traditional lasagna meal.  On Christmas Day we joined several other boaters for a potluck dinner and ate way too much.  We enjoyed talking to our family throughout the day also!

On Saturday we went out to breakfast with Rick and Margi and Darrell and Lisa and then drove to Port Charlotte with Rick and Margi to see the property they were going to buy. It is a very nice lot on one of many canals in the area.  We like the floor plan they have chosen for their house.

We made a big purchase on Monday and for the first time in almost four years, we now own a car!  We chose a new Jeep Cherokee and are very happy with it. Bill has been studying manuals all day. We went out to dinner at Cristof's with Rick and Margi last night to celebrate their new property and our new car!

We moved our boat to another slip (same marina) this afternoon and will stay here for about two months. Everyone is very friendly and welcomed us to this dock!  When we turned on our Christmas tree nights this evening, our neighbors applauded! 

We are taking care of cleaning projects when we aren’t visiting with others!  We do plan to get the boat up for sale and need to de-clutter it first.  Lots to do!!

We will spend New Year’s Eve with Rick and Margi and will have a “game night” on their boat.  And yes, food!! Joyce and Margi enjoy planning meals together and will do the shopping tomorrow, after pedicures. First things first!
We have had very warm weather in the high 80’s since we arrived.  It has been amazing.

We will write the blog again in a few days.

We wish you all a very Happy and Healthy New Year!!