January 18, 2016

January 18, 2015  Day 57  South for the Winter 2015-16
Legacy Harbour Marina
Ft. Myers, FL

Our weekly update has almost become two weeks.  The time goes by very quickly!  We have met several Looper friends over the past twelve days for meals and get togethers. Some are here on their boats and some have moved here after completing the Loop.  It is so good to spend time with them! 

We are still in the midst of repairs.  We had an unfortunate leak in the forward cabin, which was due to a broken pipe in the forward sink.  After that was repaired, we discovered the same carpet was wet again! This leak was much harder to find. After removing the flooring under the galley sink, Bill found a broken connection to a water line for an ice maker to the refrigerator. Our refrigerator does not have an ice maker, but the pressure had still built up enough to cause problems.  After fixing both of these problems, Bill has now installed shut off valves for all water pipes!  In the meantime we are trying to get things put away and cleaned so we can put the boat on the market.

We have also had some very bad weather over the past ten days with heavy rain and high winds on three occasions.  The 80 degree days we had in early January are now in the 60’s and 70’s.

We drove to Tampa last week to an RV show and enjoyed seeing various RVs and accessories.  We will go to another one next week here in Ft. Myers.  We are meeting more people who have made the transition from boating life to RV life!
We attended a Gold Looper Reunion tonight with over 120 Loopers!  It was wonderful to see so many friends.  The party continues again tomorrow night! 

We will meet with our broker this week to discuss the sale of our boat.  This is somehow becoming a reality.

We will try to post again next week!