June 13, 2012

June 13, 2012  Day 33                                     Total miles to date:  777.67

Today was spent entirely on Lake Champlain as we left Whitehall at 8:00 and headed 48 miles to Westport.  The lake is so narrow at the southern end that it was more like a canal.  It is very calm and serene and is home to herons and ospreys.  We spotted our second bald eagle today!  As we continued north the lake is framed by New York and the Adirondack Mountains on the west and Vermont and the Green Mountains on the east.  Before we arrived at Westport, Lake Champlain was much wider and we were in 3 to 4 ft. seas for about an hour. What a big difference from our quiet ride in the morning!
The southern end of Lake Champlain
On the way we spotted a ferry boat that is attached to a cable, so we had to wait for it to cross and drop the cable so we could proceed.  
Bald Eagle
Lake Champlain farther north!
We docked next to Quest at Westport at 2:15.  The view from our boat is incredible with the lake, mountains, trees surrounding the marina.  We took a walk into town – just a few blocks uphill and discovered a beautiful park used for concerts that overlooks the lake.  We could see the top of our boat from there! We were happy to find an ice cream shop inside an inn that also houses a small book store!  We also stopped at Everybody’s Market, an interesting grocery store!  On our way back down the hill to the marina I picked a few wildflowers growing along the roadside.   

Bill installed our new stove that arrived yesterday. Joyce did laundry and we ate a light dinner on board! 
Looking down at our marina -
the top of Carried Away is on the left