June 26, 2013

June 26, 2013 Day 35  The Hudson River
The Hudson River Maritime Museum Dock
Kingston, NY

Day seventeen here in Kingston!  But, we have good news that the Canal will open on Friday.  So, we will cast off our lines tomorrow at the Museum Dock and go to a marina about 32 miles north of here.  Journey will travel with us and Sea Hunt IV will go to an anchorage.  Many other Loopers will remain here a few more days.  We have rain in the forecast for the next several days and that will not help the situation with the canal system.  We can only hope the opening will happen.

Rick and Margi on Journey
Bill with Andre on Sea Hunt IV 
We had another fabulous potluck dinner tonight with over 20 Loopers attending.  W
Ron, Kenny, and Arch
e have declared Kingston, NY “The Potluck Capital of the Great Loop”!

Looper Potluck
We have had wonderful spontaneous visits with friends, shared meals, opportunities to go sightseeing, good walks, dined in good local restaurants, shopped, and relaxed…but we are ready to move on now after our unexpected delay that has lasted more than two weeks!  We do want to recognize the friendly museum staff and their volunteers for their help and for reaching out to us and driving us to places on a short notice. 

We will not forget our stay in Kingston, New York.