August 28, 2014

August 28, 2014  Day 123  Chesapeake Bay
Vienna Town Dock
Vienna, MD

We pulled anchor at 0740 to take advantage of the current and tide and headed back up Marshyhope Creek. We were aware of depth issues of a particular bend that we remembered on the way in when we bumped something on the port side. The chart shows a depth of 30’ but the depth sounder knew better.  So, we tried to avoid it today and still went aground.  After analyzing the situation, knowing the tide was going to be going out, Bill got in the dinghy and eventually managed to pull us into deeper water.  So we were back on our way and soon left the creek and reentered the Nanticoke River.

We arrived at the Vienna Town Dock and tied up in the same spot we had last weekend. Docking was not easy because the current was pushing us off the dock. We managed to get the boat secured on our own.  We knew we could dock to our port side and it would have been easy, but we wanted to come into starboard and this was a good challenge for us.

We walked back to Millie’s for lunch and then stopped in at the small bakery. The owner, Jeanne, has been so friendly to us and even offered to lend us her car. We thanked her but just planned to stay on the boat.  Joyce did walk back to the post office later this afternoon.   Other than that we relaxed after our challenging morning.

We will depart early Friday morning and cruise over 50 miles to Salisbury, MD and spend four nights at a marina over the Labor Day weekend.