July 6, 2015

July 6, 2015  Day 16  New York Summer 2015
At Anchor
Sandy Hook, NJ

Another very early day! We left Atlantic City at 0600 with Movin’ On and headed back out into the Atlantic. We were glad the waves had died down some and stayed at two foot rollers. We were also fortunate to have the current with us most of the day.  We saw four of the Naval Academy Yard Patrol boats out today in training. According to AIS, they are on their way to Boston.
Movin' On

Manhattan skyline through an overcast sky
About 11:00 Movin’ On called us on the radio and suggested that we go past our intended destination at Manasquan and anchor at Sandy Hook. This meant an additional 32 miles, but after rechecking tomorrow’s weather and wave forecast, we decided to go for it.  So, after 11 hours, and a 95 mile cruise, we arrived at our anchorage just before 5pm. 

We could see the Manhattan skyline and the Verrazano Bridge before arriving at Sandy Hook.  Our only problem with the anchorage is being waked by the ferry boats – some of them go over 40 mph. We hope they will stop soon!

We will have a very short one hour ride tomorrow to the Great Kills Yacht Club.

Sun setting over Sandy Hook

Carried Away on the Atlantlic Ocean