August 14, 2015

August 14, 2015  Day 55 New York Summer 2015
Waterford Harbor Visitors Center
Waterford, NY

Just a short post this evening.  We stayed at Waterford and got a few things done.  Bill made a marathon trip to a local grocery store to restock our empty shelves and refrigerator!  Joyce’s hip is still problematic and she cannot walk that far.  She did get some of the laundry done and took care of correspondence, organizing files, etc.

We planned to grill salmon tonight but the rain storm quickly changed our minds.  We could see the weather on radar but it has lasted much longer than expected.

We have decided to stay here until Monday and then make a short trip to Albany for the night.  We may not post again until then. We are not doing anything exciting – just trying to regroup and relax.